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The Shoe Snake Dance Magnet

The Shoe Snake Dance Magnet

A fun and easy way to teach kids
how to tie their shoes!

“The Shoe Snake Dance” is a fun and effective way to help teach your kids how to tie their shoes. Recite this poem every time you tie their shoes and keep them involved. As we all know, little eyes and ears don’t miss a thing! They will memorize the words quickly, and when they are ready to do it themselves, they will have a great head start. Shoe tying is an important milestone, and it gives our children confidence and independence. Let’s make it fun! By Jen Meredith. Shoe Laces Not Included

The Shoe Snake Dance Poem
is Printed on a 4" x 5" Vinyl Magnet.

The Shoe Snake Dance vinyl magnets
are Only $1.99 per magnet.

The Shoe Snake Dance Vinyl Magnet
Qty: 24:SSD:MAGNET Only $1.99 per magnet

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