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Shoelaces Aglet

Aglet is an unusual word that most people have not heard of but almost everyone uses. An aglet is the small plastic or metal tip at both ends of a shoelace. This important feature performs two functions. First is to prevent the shoelace from fraying on the ends, something we probably all can remember happening to our own shoelaces when an Aglet gets accidentally removed or broken. The second function is to allow the shoelace to pass through the eyelet. This is accomplished by compressing each end of the shoe lace into a small stiff end that can easy be inserted into the eyelets (shoelace holes) on the shoe. The word "aglet" comes from the Latin word "needle". The dictionary states that: "Aglet is the ends of a shoelace, a plain or ornamental metal or plastic sheath covering the end of a shoelace or ribbon."